Handicaped Parking Has Become a Bunch of Bull…

Image result for handicap permit pictureImage result for man running to catch a train picture

   Handicapped  Parking was first implemented for those Motorists and family members who are passengers who can perhaps need a close up parking  spot as to lessen their walking to  distance to & from the store or facility that they are going to.. It has morphed into a major bunch of Bull. While there are many who are in need if it there are others that abuse the system. It is very easy to aquire a Handicapped sticker in any locality nationwide. Years ago it basically was for the wheelchair bound.. Those parameters have changed.. I see people who post a Handicapped  sticker on their car and run to catch a train.. That’s a shame.. They are undeserving, however they hand these permits real easy today. Sad to say any schmuck and his brother can obtain one today. I was at a local Horse Racing Track and what appeared  be a healthy fit  gentleman parks his car in a handicapped spot , thou he had a regulation permit hanging from his visor he ran like a thief to make the first race..The security guard seeing where he parked and witnessed the mad dash to get in the Raceway  yelled out to him “HEY WHA’TS YOUR HANDICAP ? ‘  The running man yells back “WHAT RACE




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