N.Y State To Push To Clean up Grumman Poluted Water Area..Just a Photo Op..




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N.Y.States proposal to clean up the Grumman area polluted by the Navy and Gruman..It just doesn’t sound right to us. It’s not a puddle beneath the ground but a river as wide  and deep as  New York States the Hudson River.Their going to pump out poisoned water and replace it with good water? Come on it sounds a bit wacky like Junk Science to us.

The water that is to be pumped out & and different water intended to go right back into the ground?..That sounds ludacrist.

Listen every bit of bed rock, sand and soil would also have to be removed as well.In the future were going to be right back in the same spot. It takes 30 long  years for the water that was collected in the recharge  basins  (Sumps) to enter the  L.I. Aquifers. Right now  if they drill any further they will be at the Brackish( salt)  level..It sounds to us a like damage control & Grand Standing directed towards  with Mr & Mrs.Taxpayer who living in a High Tax State and County that from the Politicians and nothing more.

was had to be given some bad info by his staff for him to pitch an idea  such as this to Long Islanders.

 Schumer  Just exactly how much is ito going to cost us..are bonds going to be  floated  (got to pay them back down the line) or is our taxes going up..

There is supposed to be a Superfund in place for this already..where is that money now..Uncle Sam  must pay any cost incurred 100%. We will tell you this much for the role that Grumann played in poluting the water supply plus in addition to  what Grumman did on this other unrelated issue…Grummann took U.S.grants and  reneged on their promise to keep jobs in L.I. that Grumman  should be permanently banned from being permitted to do any further business with the Federal Government .

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