Isreal Must Continue To Build New Settlements…. and They Must Stay at All Costs

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Israel has made it known that it has begun to buid new settlements.  The press relaese said its the first in 20 years.. The International community of  Jew Haters are outraged.  So what.. Who gives a crap..Did they care one ioda when rockets were being lobed into Israel from Gaza ..or Tunnels being build by Palestinain for the sole purpose to Murder innocent Israeli’s in their sleep?  Or all the random stabbing?  Not a peep out of them? 
     First of all its not their country nor their buisness to point fingers an  give ultimatiums to Isreal..They want a 2  state solution ? That alright  because with the their large Arab and Muslim populations in their own backyard  pretty soon they well face the same pressure to form a 2 state solution right smack in their own nation….when they do then they should  tell   Israel how they like it..untill  that Time But out !
     With all this terror over the years  in the end  the International Nations give them a Bye & it  all gets forgiven ..Terror means nothing to them  when it happens to  Jews.. however when Terror reared its ugly Head in Belgium & France then entire world stood shoulder to shoulder with them in solidaridy..and rightly so but when it occurs in Israel ,Israel is then asked to cappitulate and  make concessions.
The Palestinain Arabs have zero respect for anyone other than themeselves. The Unesco vote claiming that Jews have no ties to Temple mounts and the Western Wall ( The Kotle) which is Judiasms Holiest Site demionstrates that lack of respect… Now Isreal is falsely being labeled an apartheid state by the Palestinian Publc Relation Machine ..Even if for any reason that that tract of land that the setelments are on are ever handed over then Why must Jews leave if in any future Palestian State? Why can Arabs reside in Isreal but Jews can’t live in Arab nations .Bottom line not only must new settlemnts stay but they must be incresed. “This Land!”  please watch .   

′Israeli settlements are not an obsta
Jcle for peace′ | World | DW …Light Orchid
Israel to build entirely new settlement in West BankLight Orchid
′Israeli settlements are not an obstacle for peace′ | World | DW …Light Orchid
Former Netanyahu advisor Lerman discusses Israel’s true settlement …

lerman (1)



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