A Shame ..Its Barbeque Time and Hot dogs Cost more than Filet mignon

   Its summer time and we all want to barbeque, Whats happening it’s either it’s collusion ,it’s collusion on  among the  hotdogs manufacturers,distributers or provisions companies( that the last rung that handles the HOT DOGS before they go the stores. Its a low down dirty crying shame that if you plan on feeding a family  at least  4 franks and beans ,including the buns and beans ,its accually more costly than prime rib or filet mignon, I know that a quality brand hot dog package goes for anywhere  from $4.99 – $5.99 for a 5 or 6pack. Now if you don’t care about  eating mechanically separated  chicken parts mixed with pork and beef by products ,there is always triple S or John Merrell. There should be an investigation by the consumer  divisions of each county it ruining summer for us.
lerman (1)
The Lerman Report Staff.

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