Monkey See Monkey Do …New Words & Such Being Introduced To us Subliminaly

A Lerman Report Exclusive !


     Life imitating Art ? or Art imitating life?Well  if you answered Life imitating Art..You’d be correct.

For some odd reason the press keeps using these words in conversations on air  particularly the word or phrase “Issues”every chance they get..See for Yourself…Also it seems to me that woman  on air reporters are deliberately dropping their hair in their face and flinging it back or just flinging their heads back  as if  they were doing that. Why?

Another thing I’d like to know is  for some unknown reason almost every commercials  today are featuring stars with facial moles…Just watch for yourself next time you view an on air broadcast or commercial.

Another thing it appears that for woman in particular woman reporters when relaying a verbal story are talking it in some whinny sing-song voice.Today all the female voice overs in commercials are spoken in a fast choppy style of talking .Everyone subconsciously picks up on this and starts using these speach patterns and actions. I call it Monkey see Monkey do.

You know when viewing any particular commercial and someone does a  certain basically goes unnoticed..but if  it that same jesture is repeated over and over  hundreds of times in nearly every commercial then it registers in your mind and the writer of the commerical  is creating sort of a pattern of a behavier modification.
Another item for our readership to take notice is every couple on a an interacial.couple.People pick up on this and will eventually emulate them such as constantly viewing tattooed people.
If I were a boss I’d strictly hire nerds because for some odd unknown reason they can not be influenced they march to a beat of a difference drum.

There are other odd things that I personally  notice in commercials where most viewers either missed it or didn’t really focus on. If I mentioned it or told you you’d scratch your heads and say”whats going on”. One item of interest is elbows and knees making there way in nearly every commercial  purpose of this story I’ll just Leave it to the viewers to ask the producers why.
As of late todays commercials and T.V. shows woman are deliberty  making having  women make their wrists in  a slack postion.
More things are being  placed in commercials not exactly sublinal but Accuatuly right in your face .If I  mentioned it or told you you’d scratch your heads and say”whats going on”.

One thing remains certain is that whatever they are trying to convey is that the public is being manipulated to copy this behavior after watching commercial after commercial.. Monkey see monkey do.


Below is a  list of words that the Media is pushing..Why? Who’s to say  but next time you come across  a camera man on a T.V .or Commercial on a set or shoot why not ask him perhaps they can clue you in .. It’s not  exactly subliminal or even subtle but right in your face.
1. issues
2. skin in the game
3.  seriously
6. optics
7.Gining it Up
8. Doubling Down
9. Awesome
10. More
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