Facebook & You Tube Comments Must Be Screened

     Facebook & You Tube Comments Must Be Screened. when ever we read a news story,We never in our lives have We read such hatred, bigorty,Antisemitism & vulgarity in our entire lives, the venium spewed on facebook rivals no other publication that We have ever  read. At one time it was unfashionable or poltical correct or eembarcing to proclaim yourself  a bigot on paper or in any public forum even thou your views were to say the least were biased ,and thats putting it mildly, today people wear it like a bage of honor.
     We believe in the 1st amendment but this is only leads to incitement to further hate or even riot ..it has to be curtailed or curbed ,it can’t go on unabaited, it must be regualted /end

The Lerman Report Staff

lerman report satff


 File:Movable shelving at The National Archives.jpg

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