2 State Solution Just A Steping Stone to Destroy Isreal

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  I heard a many Palestinians say that a 2 state solution is just a stepping stone to  destroy Isreal.  To return to 1967 borders is shere lunacy,leaving a very vulnerable   with all  todays modern weoponry Isreal would be destroyed in less than 1 day .Yes perhaps a 2 state soultion is in order but not a   Palestinian state along side Isreal Maybe in the sinai or around land taken from the Arabian penensula,that would be the only feasable 2 state solution. Lets face facts Isreal gave back the Sinai , Gaza and part of the west bank and it became a hot bed of  Terrorism..The Arabs really don’t want a Jewish state if even it was only 1 inch wide let alone  how it is today.

   Why should Isreali setlements be a stubling block ? ? WHY CAN AN ARAB LIVE ANYWHERE IN ISREAL  but not a Jew ?, a JEW SHOULD AND MUST HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ON THIS EARTH IN ANY NATION  that they choose to. In the war of 1948 The Jews lost east Jerusalem and regained it back in 1967 ..No nation gives back land conquered in war.

  Isreal is giving the arab stabing spree a kids glove treatment.what nation would tolorate that..none. Arabs decry  when their religion is demened  but waste no time and effort in crapping on other faiths ,,teaching hatred in their U.N. scholls.. Euroupean Nations  trying to placate their muslim populaion are critisizing Isreal and making  what police action taken by Isreal defence forces   as the moral equivalent with the stabing spree even the U.S. State Dept and White house did the same ..how sad.Yes a 2 state solution is the answer but both not in the mid east.



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