1945… Euroupe Didn’t Want the Jews After They Were let out of the Concentration Camps


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Image result for extra news boy cartoon signAfter the Holocoust in 1945 there was not a  Euroupean Nation that would take in the displaced  Jews from the Holocoust freed from death camps like Aushwitz and such..They werent alowed to return to their former homes  not by Germany , Austria,Poland , any Euroupean county, they were rounded up and placed in an internment camp in Cypus for around 3 more years , until they would eventualy make it to  then British Palestine by running a blocade by many suffering years of displacment and internment……
    Before the war it was the same thing no country would take in Not one Jew looking to get out of Germany , Not even the U.S.. During the war places such as Shanghai took some Jews In , A handfull as did The U.S. some  were giving rufugees staus , they were sponsored by other Jews living here
( citizens), Some unknown to others wereput in sort of an interment incamp upstate N.Y.
    This is why Jews need an Isreal ”a Jewish state” is of the utmost importance to each and every Jew today regradless of degree of practicing,  from Chasidium  to secular, Isreal is a place the that any Jew  can live  in. When country Such as France  Germany Austria and Such dosen’t want them.  France  after WW11 refused to settle displaced Jews,even let Jews return to  their  former homes, like We mentioned before ,but today France  replaces the name Isreal with Palestine on all there school books and  maps, while Jews still living in France as the rest of Euroupe are experenceing the worst Anti Semitism 100 times worst that the Nazis. Todays Euroupe doesnt  still doesnt want even one Jew living there yet don’t except Isreal. This again is why Jews  will always support Isreal
      Please read  these  links below ….
All European life died in Auschwitz:
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Europe Got Muslims for Jews | The Brussels JournalLight Orchid

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