I Will Defend Mike Huckabee

 Related image

  Related imageMike Huckabee:” Iran Nuclear Deal Will Lead Israelis to ‘Door of the Oven

       I always known Governor Huckabee to be a friend of Isreal and the Jews, in all the years that I followed him on T.V. he was nothing but supportive of Isreal and Jewish causes, yes it was very sensitive talk I won’t deny that but cut him some slack and I dont give 2 hoots what tha Anti Defemation President says, we need Huckabee in our corner and he should be getting Jewish support right now .yours truley.Don ”Moses”Lerman

Huckabee: Obama marching Israelis ‘to the door of the oven …Light Orchid

ADL Sharply Criticizes Huckabee Comment Suggesting …Light Orchid

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