Minion Charactors Name Offensive to Jews ?…Read On

Minions Charactors                                                         Minion Praying

         In the Jewish relgion A minion is a  Quorum   of 10  jewish men who were Bar Mitzvahed  .. It is needed in order to start any  religius service , if you do not have   a minion the service can not occur. For  Universial pictures to come  out or name thoses charactors ”Minions” is an a front to all Jews everywhere ..Can you imagine if they called thoses charactores  Parishioners    or  Church goers = same thing, At a juncture intime when we are questioning the wisdom of naming ball teams mascotts after American Indians ., this should not happen .Jews should bocott all products of ”Minion Charcators” and its movie../end

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