Cousin Chubby’s Best Jokes .. Reprinted From Moses News .Com… Enjoy!

The Lerman Report®

Cousin Chubby’s Best Jokes Of The Week ! #1

        1.A man went to the entrance of the Temple on Rosh Hashana, he was immediately stopped by the security Guard who demanded that the show him his ticket to get in. the man replied I didn’t buy one, the guard replied ” then I can’t let you in, then went on to say ”listen this is very important all i want to do is say something to my brother who’s sitting in the 3rd row” then guard saidalright I’ll let you in but don’t let me catch you praying!

2.It was Yom kipper and a man had a peptic ulcer , he know that if he had something to eat that he would be a Right but it was Yom kipper and it was a fast day,he decide to go to the Rabbi;s house and ask his…

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