Original Eaters Never Should Have Been Removed From Nathan’s Wall Of Fame

Orginal Nathan’s Wall Of Fame

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   As the saying goes what goes around comes around , I haven’t been treated in competitive eating as well as I’d have wished I should have been. Yes I had my share of publicity and the limelight however that basically was akin to Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame.. I never entered the sport to make unpaid promos but to compete and win contests.
I want to let everyone know that thou I received the lifetime achievement award  I feel that my hard work and earnest efforts in competitive eating are being discounted and I’m being now being spoken of as if I was merely a mediocre eater. No Pioneer of the Sport should ever be  referred to in that manner 
as if they were a   peice of crap . I will say this It was a pleasure Privilege and High Honor to be given he opportunity to be a part of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Contests over the years and further given the honor to be in the Wall Of Fame . We were sort of unofficial spokesman’s for Nathan’s. We toured the nation proudly promoting the 4th of July event. We did this pro bono never receiving any monetary compensation nor would have taken any  if offered.. We did it all from the Heart.. It was a labor of love for a new burgeoning sport.. When myself and others were removed it Hit us like a ton of bricks.. We  couldn’t believe it we were  flabbergasted.. Not only did we help build up the contest for the event that it is today but also paved the way for the  new Eaters. It was implied that our images would be a permanent fixture on the wall. To say that we no longer have any fame is utterly outrageous… Can you imagine if that lopsided thinking was The litmus test for fame for likes  of Mickey Mantle, Joe Di Maggio and Mohammed Ali too ? Yes I had my share of injustices in my time.. but this has to rank at the top of the totem pole.For all good that the  original eaters did for the sport in the end we just get the old proverbial kick in the pants and then kicked to the curb. It appears that it’s “What have you done for us lately?”  

So Remember Keep This In Mind I was Once  Considered A Titan  At Olympian Heights In The Sport of Competitive Eating.

Important Please Read Below…


So I would like to remind all the new eaters how I get remembered after being a major figure in the sport  will have a direct effect on all how the rest of you will be treated.. This is your future..  and now I’d like to tell you this tale of a farmer his young song and the elderly grandfather who worked a farm. One day the elderly grandfather became to ill to work and the father then tells his son that on my farm if you don’t work you don’t eat and so put Grandpa in the barn to starve to death…  as the young son walks the elderly Grandpa away the Father shouts back  “Hold it I want him to starve to death but not freeze to death so here’s a blanket to wrap around him so that he may be warm” …a few minutes pass and the young son returns with half a blanket the Father says “Whats This”?  His Young son replies..” I ‘m saving  this half for you someday”!!!

Mark My Words a half a blanket will saved for all the Joey Chestnuts when they cease to be as productive as in they were in their prime./end





Light Orchid

*Story first published on July 26, 2010




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