Overweight Woman MAKES CAREER OUT OF EATING – Hey Mr. Farmer, I found your PIG

By Anthony Santiago
YUCK! What is more disgusting then 700 pounds of pancake batter poured into stretch pants? I know that we are supposed to be so accepting in this country but don’t you hate going to the grocery stores and seeing these beached whales in those little motorized carts with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in their basket? Hey blimp, put down the fork!
Donna Simpson, a single mom in New Jersey weighs in at 700 pounds. That’s three Riddick Bowes when he was in his prime!!! Get this…this pig (oink, oink) is trying to gain another 300 pounds so she can become the World’s Most Obese Woman. This mountain of blubber has a 4 year old daughter that prepares her food and feeds her so she can pile on the weight…what a great childhood, huh?
Donna the Hut has a 750 dollar eating habit per week, and makes money with her own website for “fat admirers.” I see these websites pop up all the time. The people pay to see others eat and flaunt flab and do podcasts.
She says that she has 7,000 fans that pay to see her show her fat and makes 100 G’s from the site. LOL. If anyone pays to see this fat pig, they should be ashamed of themselves! She’s disgusting!
I reached out to RSR World to get their comments on this matter and they were very animated this week to say the least!
I reached out to RSR World to get their comments on this matter and they were very animated this week to say the least!
“Yea she gets food dipsh*t, she gets fed well. How old are you? You sure resort to childish tactics don’t you.. fat jokes lmao. My 9 year old nephew got grounded the other day for calling the kid down the block a Fatty. Threaten you? lmao, nah no need to do that, however I GUARANTEE your ass wouldn’t be making fat jokes if Donna walked up on you in person buddy… that I promise. Why do you hate so much bro? Do you have mental issues? You never even met Donna, and you attack as if She slapped one of your family members. By the way, NOBODY has even heard of those so called places that you used to have eating competitions. Does she get paid? lmao, NOOOOO Donna does it for free. Of course She gets paid you fool, and she gets paid nice royalty checks for her PUBLISH book as well, and from her website, and yes dipsh*t, she gets a check from Primer Hamburger & Cupcakes Magazine as well. Not to mention several other checks for doing PR work for many 700 pounders. HATE all you want clown, you mean NOTHING to me, never have, never will.” – Jack Mars
“If she bothers you that much, why give her the satisfaction of continued references on your site? I’m cool w/ Donna as well and have said as much to her. I’d rather see both of you just move on and focus on making your respective sites that much better in ’12, rather than drag out a petty Internet war. For all you’re trying to do w/ RSR, IMO, it makes you look petty when you fall back on stuff like that, regardless of what others are saying outside your spot. And posting her pic was as classless a move as I’ve ever seen on any website. That was the killer for me. For that, just mention the gal’s name, instead of claiming that she’s not worth your time or the mention, because clearly she is.” – Jerk Donelson
“I bet she could eat more Big Macs then my idol Don Gorske. My other idol Steve Farhood is a lovely man. I don’t think he eats Big Macs that often. I wrote him but he didn’t write back. He may be more of a BK Whopper man.” – Jim Minkle

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