The Importance of the Trophy To me by Don Lerman

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Jim Thorpe: All-American – Trailer

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I saw a post on  Eat Feats .Com about the Trophy Era how important ” Just Ask Don Lerman,” so I thought I’d give everyone  some insight as to why a trophy is more important to me then money,Here Goes……                                                                                                            I was about 9 years  old and joined  little league Baseball. The first year there where only  2 teams and we wore just hats and Tee shirts ,By the second year the league grew and we had 10 teams and we all sold raffles for uniforms.

My team was way ahead  of the other teams wins . having only 1 game to go and only 1 week left to the school year ,. my parents took me out of school a week early to go to a bungalow colony as we did every year.

At the end of the  summer I returned to the city, the first thing that I do is go to the coach and ask if my team won , after all only 1 game was left in the season before I Left the city to go on vacation upstate 

He told me that he had good news and bad news ,the good news is that yes your team won, the bad news is that I traded  you  to another team. I was deeply saddened , how could a little league player be traded  in little  league ?and with only 1 game  to boot?  This was unheard of,Had I been my father I would have payed the coach a visit. My  father didn’t seem to care one way or another,. hence I never got the Trophy for my teams win , The Coach lived in my neighborhood and every time he would see me he would yell bring back the uniform and I would yell back when I get My Trophy  you’l get your uniform , he never got the uniform back and   That’s the reason that I value a trophy over a cash prize don’t get me wrong cash reward is great but not the same . It wasn’t until l the year 2000 at age 51 that I won my first Trophy, The Bens Matzoh Balls it was a long waited well over due pleasure and source of great pride *pictured above myself in my Trophy room,

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