Competitive Eating , My Story by Don Lerman( installment #5) the story behind the photo op with the mayor)


Scott Joplin – The Entertainer        –Light Orchid


       I went to ABC Studios Along with ED Jarvis as there was be a segment Nathans on Good morning America.
There was some foreign eaters from Australia or New zealand ( correct me if I’m incorrect) and along with Ed Jarvis I believe Eric Booker was to be part of the segment on GMA too.
I was not asked to participate.I was being ignored.
I came dressed in my Nathans Hot Dog outfit all the onlookers in the studio and among the street crowd liked it except George Shea .George Shea chose not to put me on…when the show ended they did a repeat show live for the West coast. Again I was over looked and ignored.When we finished we headed off to Coney for the weigh in. Each & Every contestant in the contest was brought upon stage for he weigh in except me .( and by the way I was never in all my years given the honor to be brought up on stage with the Mayor) all the eaters went on the stage except me. What a spit in the face after all that I done for the sport.I turned to Ed Jarvis and he mentioned something and then Then I got on stage.The last time I got a photo op with Mayor Bloomberg was I believe in 2002 or 2003 I was wearing . wearing my red custom Nathan a sport coat , I asked the mayors people can I take a picture with his Honor , they said yes as I  was standing next to the mayor , George Shea physically pushed me out of the way so some Japanese business man can have a photo op.I don’t believe anyone ever endured such disrespect ….
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