Jewish Settlements Must Stay At All Costs

Al Jolson – Hatikvah. click open link in  a new tab
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If There is ever a give back in the West Bank,  or anywhere in any capacity, the Jewish settlements must stay. why can an Arab live any where in Israel yet Jews are not permitted residency in Arab nations , these settlements must not be plowed over and handed over regardless of The U.S. or World outcry, they must be increased each and time the world nations chime in against Israel and not frozen , and be off the table for any future talks look whats going on in Gaza, any summit held by the U.S must not be a rerun of the Camp David talks where Jimmy Carter clearly sided with Sadat. apparently the American Jewish voting block takes a back seat to Arab thought in this matter, how sad that the U.S is taking an appeasement stance on this matter..

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