Let Drug Companies Fund Their Own Research


Pharmaceutical  Companies have a sweet deal going the public funds the research with contributions and their profits are private, Just like he blood Banks you donate your blood and they sell your blood for profit.What a scam! when they come out with a Cancer or Lung related Drug for example the public pays threw the nose and you won’t see a generic for 20 years .I say don’t give them a plug   nickel , let them,  fund their own research ,don’t worry, they will,why? because it’s still in their interest, but as it stands now  why should they ?  The public is nothing but a bunch of  Schmucks to them, they are laughing all the way to the bank .They have more money than Big Oil,wake up America  and see the picture for what it is…end
Extreme Rise in Some Drug Prices Reaches a Tipping PointLight Orchid
$750/pill pharma company under investigation by Senate forLight Orchid


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