Unions Must be Voted Down And Many Pensions Must be Scrapped

 click open link in a new tab to hearLook for the Union Label 1981 classic adWorkers Unions Have had their day now where ever possible they must be voted down or out of the work  place., Many workers have complained  that they are corrupt  self  serving and out of touch with their rank and file . Then There are the high priced Union worker like civil servants , At one time Civil Service was a low paying job with good benefits and a pension, today their salaries have sky rocketed to 6 figures at the public troff .
Then there is the non union pensioners  such a Lawyer for school districts and such ,these Pensions must be scrapped , if a worker puts into his pension thats one thing but if they don’t put into it it must be eliminated  and all future civil service  and government workers starting from today must not receive  a pension as a job incentive the State federal and municipal governments are going broke ,, instead of cutting valuable service cut pensions out if we are to survive  this recession…end

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