Who Owes A Synagogue When It Closes Its Doors For Good?.

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 Traditionally when a group of Jews want to start a Synagogue they get together, start a building fund , each prospective congregation members puts up x amount of money. either donated, a loan of some sorts , I am presuming that there is paper work somewhere along the line. there is an elected President. Then they interview and hire a Rabbi  and either rent an apartment or buy a house for the Rabbi to reside in.when the loans are satisfied and the congregation moves away then traditionally the President of the Shul is supposed to take the money from the sale and put it toward s the next synagogue that he is involved with that opens up in the future. Is he the legal trustee and l allowed to 1. perform the transaction of the sale of the temples land and or building and if so what obligations does he have by law to follow out any plan at all? This is a major grey area of the law ,after all this is not a Church who owns and oversees the individual houses of Worship it’s strictly congregational.My Grandfather told me such a story that when the members moved away from his Synagogue in Williamsburg Brooklyn and it was closed down Circa1956 he later ( my Grandfather) ran into the Shuls president in Canarsie Brooklyn and gave him Hell for pocketing the proceeds of the sale and doing with it as he wished. I know Jewish center that is up for sale and I wonder whats the story and whos in charge of overseeing the sale and perspective proceeds of the sale ..don’t you?

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