Debunking The Myth That All Jews Are Doctors And Lawyers And Are Rich



Dick Powell – With Plenty Of Money and You (1936)

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I personally grew up in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s in N.Y.C., thou we didn’t live in some slum out an old movie , never the less my family was poor, low income, not middle class by a long shot. We live in a 1 bedroom apartment for about a good dozen years and graduated to 2 bedroom apt , when some other poor soul moved away or died in our old apartment building, My parents biggest Dreams was to get in a city housing project.
  • Most of my extended family was living there already or in other low cost apartments, We weren’t home owners or even collage educated 
            .I was all grown up and out of the service when my parented put together enough for a house of their own. We were like the Beverly Hillbillies in the neighborhood , not the original owners who were of my ethnic group for the most part and were to ritzy to associate with us, The men in the neighborhood all had good jobs ,collage educated and the women didn’t work they stayed home and ate Bon Bon’s all day.  Both my parents worked my father worked in a shoe factory as a skiver most of his life, My mother found luck late in life and secured good job as a mortgage possessor enabling us to have house at last. In my day no lower income Jew or white went on to collage for the most part, Vietnam changed that forever. 
    All my relatives went into the service and for the most part worked low level blue collar jobs, when I moved to the suburbs I was the only Jew working in the warehouse, , It wasn’t fun and was never really accepted by my fellow workers as own of the guys at work, I put all My savings and went to work for myself as a day old bread store operator .When I hear the whispers that all Jews Are rich It make my blood boil. There was and are many Jewish families struggling today who just don’t fit that stereotype. But Will end with this thought while many Ethnic  groups have found the good life in the American Dream  ..Only Jews  have to make excuses  if they ever have finnacial success as if they did something wrong…no other  group has their feet held to the fire to  made to appoligize  if they ever become weathy./end
    lerman (1)

2 comments on “Debunking The Myth That All Jews Are Doctors And Lawyers And Are Rich

  1. "Tiny" Tim Rauscheder says:

    Hay there Mr. Lerman. Dont know if you knew this but my step-mom is a Jew. I remember the first time I ate a matza ball……… I was in love. The parties were always fun and my step-moms side of the family always had Kosher fun, ALWAYS. But, sad to say, none of her family were lawyers or doctors. They certainly were not rich in the pocket, but rich at heart.

    • Don Lerman says:

      Thank you for posting, when I grew up everyone in my circle were poor working class, But this I’ll say. I never went hungry, most of The New York City Jews were of my poor class in that era..Don

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