Are T.V Commercials Guilty Of Employing Subliminal Cuts in Their Commercials ?

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    What we have been noticing in the last two weeks is that at the beginning of a commercial ,there is a cut out 2 seconds from another commercial at the leader of that commercial. This is not good if that’s intended as a Subliminal Cut,  this method was used largely at Movie theaters to sell stuff at their  food  stand in the 1950’s . Also there are a series of commercials that  have  a whispering theme  or the actors saying ”what”? and mentioning the same  name in various commercials as to draw attenuation to other commercials ,sort of two birds with one stone so to speak .We also notice a trend in interracial couples ,as if they .whoever the brains behind this is encouraging inter racial marriage, we are not taking a negative stand on this or pro stand ..just stating what we see on T.V.  We think they owe us some sort of explanation if this is so  , don’t you ?

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D.C. Rabbi Accused Of Videotaping More Than 150 Women At Jewish Bath

Rabbi Barry Freundel

D.C. Rabbi Accused Of Videotaping More Than 150 Women At Jewish Bath.Rabbi Barry Freundel Accused Of Videotaping 150 Women.
WASHINGTON (AP) — A rabbi accused of secretly videotaping nude women at a Jewish ritual bath recorded more than 150 women, prosecutors said during a meeting with victims, the first specifics they have given on the scope of the man’s recording.

When prosecutors charged Barry Freundel with voyeurism late last year, they based the accusations on recordings of six women but indicated more had been filmed. During a meeting with victims Wednesday evening at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, prosecutors discussed the number of victims revealed by an investigation along with the benefits of a plea deal in the case.

The meeting was closed to the press. But three people who attended told The Associated Press what was discussed. Two individuals spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss the closed-door meeting.

The third person, a victim, is not being identified because The Associated Press does not identify victims of sex crimes.

Freundel’s attorney, Jeffrey Harris, did not immediately return a call Thursday requesting comment. William Miller, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Columbia, which is prosecuting the case, declined comment, citing an ongoing investigation.

Freundel, 63, was a rabbi at the Kesher Israel synagogue in Washington for over 25 years and a prominent orthodox rabbi before his October arrest on voyeurism charges. Court documents accuse him of setting up a recording device disguised as a digital clock radio in the changing and showering area of The National Capital Mikvah, a ritual cleansing bath affiliated with Kesher Israel that opened in 2005.Police arrested Freundel on Oct. 14 after a person associated with the mikvah discovered the hidden camera. Police initially found videos of six women entering and exiting a mikvah shower, and court documents say Freundel appears on film setting up the recording device. A search of his home turned up other media storage devices, and he has since been fired from the synagogue.

During Wednesday’s meeting, prosecutors told victims, their spouses and some lawyers representing them that an investigation had determined Freundel had filmed 152 women. Prosecutors said 88 of the women had been filmed within the last three years. They said another 64 were filmed going back to 2009, though a statute of limitations bars prosecutors from charging Freundel with voyeurism based on those recordings.



Smart t.v.’s have secret cameras in them & are watching you ! CReepy!

                                                                                                                           CREEPY..CREEPY AND CREEPY…tv watching you

        I Had a friend whose brother bought him a smart flat screen T.V. and he told his brother  to take it away because they can see you with a smart T.V.  Not so crazy ..a news report on a major  network said that inside every smart T.V. is a camera and they are watching you and selling the pictures to a third party. That’s crazy ,that’s insane ,but sad enough its true. You have to put a blanket over the T.V.set at night like your putting a parrot to sleep.below is the link to that report…..

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GAS Prices Soar..We Told You So At The Lerman Report on 12/24 /14….


oil barrel  We need a congressional investigation why Gas prices are rising and rising quickly we may add. There is no rhyme or reason for theses prices  to be soaring our previous story…

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Courts Must be reformed….

side bar

       As we stated in a  a past story, there should be professional jurors In addition, the  side bars  and judges chambers should be made part of the trial in sessions and recorded ,as a good deal of the outcome of trials are decided in sidebars and chambers& jurors, defendants & litigants should hear all of whats said .its a simple as that..nothing more needed to say

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Time For Jews To Leave Euruope

FRANCE-ISRAEL-PALESTINIANS-CONFLICT-GAZA-DEMO         When countries such as France  , Belgium, Germany & England  can’t guarantee Jewish Citizens   protection from mobs of Muslims its time Jews to get your visa and leave these countries for good.  From what We gather from News reports ,its worse than Nazi Germany was ever in the 1930’s.

 There was an  article in a Spanish Newspaper that Europe got rid of 6 million Jews and replaced it with 20 million Muslims,I’ll show you the clip at the end of this story, Plus articles that Louisianan  governor   Bobby Jindal Says Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’ Do Exist    says that there are no go zones in these nations that police won’t enter .we  will Post those stories here as well decide….

lotto tickets ..whats real and whats not ?


      When it comes to buying lotto tickets whats real and whats questionable ? When you or me buy a lotto ticket ,whether its a quick pick or you pick your own numbers have chance to win,However when you purchase a scratch off,whats your real chances of getting the top prize ? Just how many lets say 1,000 a week for example for life are there top prizes ..1 ,2 5, 10 ?who knows and when the top prizes are won do they(the lotto commission) tell the vendors to pull the rest of the scarch offs  off the shelf? i If they don’t then your buying dead tickets ,with no chance of ever winning .is that what we got ? you tell me !




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Time For Jews To Say Goodbye Democratic Party

Originally posted on The Lerman Report®:

Time for todays Jews to leave the Democratic party.The Jews of old had a special relationship with the Democratic party. The old pre  WW1 foreign illiterate factory workers swore by the democratic party , there was always a party leader in the neighborhood in the 1920’s to help them out, this doesn’t exist anymore ,  In the old days of the party leader the district leaderwould go in the voting booth with you and make sure that you pulled their lever( circa 1920’s)My mother was one of those die hard Democrats  if Hitler was running on the democratic line , she would pull the lever , she could have her nails pulled out in torture and and wouldn’t vote Republican. Well those days are far gone . Once the senor Jews pass on 80 and over ,there  will not  be  a liberal voting Jew around. So Mr . & Mrs. Jew if you hadn’t switched already to Republican do it now so that you can vote in what will be a hotly run Republican primery for next President
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